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Famously, esteemed author J.R.R Tolkien came to England at the age of three and grew up in the Warwickshire hamlet of Sarehole! Such was the impression left upon him by Warwickshire’s magical rolling hills, woodlands, mills and rivers he explored as a child that the author based his most famous land, Middle Earth, for the fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings on it. And though “one does not simply walk into Mordor”, one can certainly walk up to the receive the fantastical tastes of Hog Roast Astley for any events around Warwickshire.

As Tolkien’s orcs exclaim in The Two Towers: Meat is back on the menu here with Hog Roast Astley! Our speciality hog roast is a prime meaty dish fit for the feasts of even the Dark Lord’s hordes. Hog Roast Astley brings traditional hog roast services to events all throughout the county, as we slow-cook our way to being one of the nation’s best. From the clans of Atherstone, to Birmingham, Redditch, Woodend and beyond – this is most certainly one roast to rule them all!

Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday or family get-together, we’ll make sure you get the Hog Roast Astley wow factor. Our hog roast special has been a fan-favourite across so many events in our 20+ years of serving it. It’s clear to see why too. With the hog roast we deliver flavoursome crispness with juicy tender meat for the most exquisite roast dish you’ll ever have the pleasure of tasting. It’s traditional slow cook method ensure perfection every time, as well as adding a bit of unique flair and spectacle to proceedings.

If other notable Warwickshire resident, William Shakespeare, was alive today we have no doubt that he too would be waxing lyrical about our great roasts – maybe even admonishing us with a specialised poem or two to tell all of Hog Roast Astley’s exquisite tastes!

So, for ‘Shakespeare’s County’ let us here at Hog Roast Astley take you away today for all your event catering needs. Our team are always on hand for any questions, quotes or advice that you need for your own hog roasting – call today!