Hog Roast Machines Hire

Hog Roast Machine Hire

We go one better than appetising hog roast catering at your event, because Spitting Pig Warwickshire has an additional service aside from event catering and that’s our plaudit-winning hog roast machine hire. Hog Roast Machine hire is, as the name gives away, a service that puts customers in the driving seat, giving you opportunity to hire the machine by itself so that you can do the hog roasting yourself, whether at home for a party or in your restaurant feeding customers.

It’s easy to see why so many people prefer to hire a hog roast machine rather than booking catering. Besides the fact that hog roast machine hire is a notably cheaper substitute for event catering, it’s also a much more engaging experience for the customer. Being waited on hand and foot isn’t for everyone, many people prefer to man the ship themselves, and we can see why that’s so appealing with a hog roast Leamington Spa, because we know how much fun it is to be behind a hog roast machine.

Endless Capabilities

We’re hog roasting every day so we get our fair share of hog roasting done each week and it’s true that there’s nothing quite like getting a hog roast machine in front of you and doing it yourself, especially if you’ve got the right arsenal in the form of good produce and ingredients.

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There’s so much you can do with a hog roast Leamington Spa that it’s really no wonder people are hiring machines themselves, because with a machine you have the freedom to cook whatever you want, whenever you want, and there’s so much great food out there that can be made with a machine. The menus we have will give you an idea of our favourites and what we cook for events, but the real fun is cooking your favourite meals with a hog roast machine. With such a great deal of herbs and spices at arms length, you can make great tasting meat without difficulty, and your kitchen favourites will taste that much better when spit roasted with a Spitting Pig machine.

It is also possible to purchase a Hog Roast Machine directly from us. All machines are hand made by us here in the UK. Visit our website if you’re interested in owning your very own hog roast machine.

If you’re having a party, then hiring a hog roast machine can be an excellent decision and many people prefer to hire a machine for their parties for an array of different reasons, not least of which because a hog roast is easy to make yourself in the comfort of your own garden or venue. Especially on a warm summers day, a hog roast in the great outdoors is as good as it gets.

There are a number of different machine models that we have for your hog roast Leamington Spa, we have machines are best suited for private parties and events with 100 or so people, but we also have titanic sized machines that are great for bigger parties and are especially good if you run your own food business and are confident you can feed loads of people.

Hog roast hire is perfect for a beer garden, for example. A lot of our long term returning customers for hog roast machine hire run their own pubs or restaurants and incorporate a hog roast in their menus. Not only does the food taste good, it’s also used as an attraction to increase custom. When you get the word out that you’re cooking with a hog roast people will break the door down to eat at your establishment. You’ll find many new customers will want to eat or drink at your restaurant or pub because of the ever-so succulent hog roasts.

We have some very affordable hire packages available, but there’s also the option of hiring a machine for a single event at an even less cost. Both options are great value and can help save money if you do your own catering at your party. The pigs we can provide weigh up to 100kg and they’re of exceptionally high quality; we provide you with the same pigs that we use to make our catering taste so good.

Each different machine has one thing in common and that’s that with the machine you’ll receive the gas to keep the machine going, and that we also deliver and return all machines ourselves to save you the hassle of coming to pick them up.

Why not call us for more information on this great service of ours.