Is your food fresh?

All food cooked by Spitting Pig Warwickshire is fresh. The ingredients that we cook with are sourced directly from independent, and often local, produce. The meat we cook doesn’t spend long with us, we don’t keep produce for any extended periods of time, usually when we make a hog roast in town, the pig is only days old from the farm when cooked at your event. A hog roast from Spitting Pig wouldn’t be anywhere near as good as it actually is if not for the fact fresh ingredients are used every time.

Do you use local food?

Indeed we do. Wherever ingredients can be bought locally we insist upon buying it, even if there are cheaper alternatives elsewhere. Our pigs, beef, chicken, lamb and turkey are the most excellent quality in Warwickshire – and we love to support local farmers by buying from them and helping them have the same success as us, and if you live in Warwickshire we’re confident that you also want local food to help local farmers. The incredible local hog roasts we serve are beyond reproach.

Are there any events too small or too big for Spitting Pig?

There isn’t an event in Warwickshire that we can’t do, and it doesn’t matter the size, you can have a party with more than 1,000 people or a small party with just 20 people. So long as you’re willing to pay like everybody else, we’ll cater at your event and provide for you a succulent hog roast in town under all circumstances. As your local hog roast experts, we have the knowledge and know-how to make hog roasts for any number of different events.

Do you have wedding experience?

We have experience catering a hog roast in town for most events – and weddings specifically are events we have tons of experience hog roasting for. Spitting Pig hog roast catering is everything that you could ever want for a wedding, because when we cater at weddings we make a real impression with our pig roasts, whether it’s when the pigs roasting or when we serve the roasted pig and your guests get to taste how great they are.

Is there another way to have a hog roast, besides hog roast catering?

There is a great second option offered by Spitting Pig to have a hog roast in town and that’s to book a machine instead of booking the catering service. When you book just the machine you get a Spitting Pig machine without the chef, leaving you free to cook what you want, when you want. This is a really appealing option for many, not least of which because hog roasting is a great amount of fun, but also because it’s nowhere near as expensive as the catering.

How much does hiring a machine cost?

Hiring machines isn’t costly, that’s for sure, at least not compared to hog roast catering.  We can also rent machines for extended periods of time, if you’d like to rent a machine on an ongoing basis please call the office to discuss it.

How do the machines work, do we plug them in or…?

Spitting Pig machines are gas powered, to cook a hog roast all you’ll need is a canister of gas, and the good news for you is that you don’t have to go out and buy one just yet, because we’ll give you a free bottle. As for as how the machines work generally, we’ll show you how to cook with them so that you know what you’re doing. We promise it’s very, very easy. If we didn’t think customers were more than capable of doing a hog roast we wouldn’t risk hiring to you.

Do we have to pick up the machines?

No. There’s no onus on the customer to pick up, or return, their hog roast machines. Delivery and return is part of the service, and if you do book a hog roast machine, we’ll deliver it to you and collect it afterwards.

Can we cook with the machines outside?

Hog roasting has been an outdoor practice for thousands of years and you can hog roast in your garden or anywhere else in the outdoors if you want. The only thing we ask is that you have cover to protect the machine from rain in the event that it starts raining.

How much does Spitting Pig catering cost?

We don’t have set prices, if you’d like a quote for your own event you’ll have to contact us and ask for a quote. This doesn’t take much of your time though, just take a visit to the Contact page and enter your details to submit a quote, we’ll then give you a call or email back with a quote.