Corporate Hospitality

Here at Spitting Pig we pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality hog roast corporate catering services, able to provide you with the perfect meal for you and all of your guests, with a hog roast you can’t go wrong.



Hog roasts have been around for many years providing all individuals with a great tasting meal that can satisfy all needs and requirements. A hog roast is cooked using a high quality machine that rotates the meat during the cooking process allowing the natural juices created to baste the meat creating a much more intense flavour.

If you are searching for the perfect meal that can fulfil a broad range of needs and requirements and feed a large amount of people then a hog roast could be the perfect solution for your needs. Hiring or purchasing our hog roast services allows you to enjoy your corporate event whilst all of the hard work is taken care of our experienced, professional members of staff.