Giving Thanks With Our Corporate Catering Partners At Hog Roast Shustoke!

Hog Roast ShustokeIn the US, Thanksgiving is a massive holiday that is celebrated on the last Thursday of November every year. It is a holiday that is all about being grateful for food (traditional the end of a bountiful harvest), and enjoying the company of your community, so of course we at Hog Roast Shustoke feel right at home with the tradition as being grateful for roast foods is what we do all year round. Though it is an American tradition, you’ll no doubt have noticed the bleed over to here in the UK with the likes of Black Friday sales becoming commonplace as they are in the US at this time of year. For some of our American business partners that bleed over has also turned into throwing a Thanksgiving dinner for their staff in offices here in the UK.

It is the perfect way for our business partners to share their own thanks to their staff, so they called up their favourite corporate catering partners in Hog Roast Shustoke to help throw a proper American feast. We were only too happy to oblige having enjoyed many an event with this American partner for various corporate needs over the years.

Hog Roast ShustokeAt Hog Roast Shustoke we already have our much-lauded festive menu, and Thanksgiving isn’t all too different from Christmas already, so our chefs had a look at our festive menu and made just a few alterations to make it an excellent American style Thanksgiving feast. That meant the party enjoyed our excellent turkey roast along with our namesake hog roast, and an abundance of sides which makes up the Thanksgiving dining experience. A Thanksgiving table can’t do without mac and cheese or a creamy potato mash, and the green bean casserole and the roasted veg medley is an absolute must to get all that brilliant colour onto the table. We also had our homemade stuffing, corn cobettes, roasted sweet potatoes (or yams) and roasted potatoes, and our own cranberry and apple sauces.

A brilliant Thanksgiving feast enjoyed right here in the UK, thanks to Hog Roast Shustoke’s corporate catering services!