Hog Roast Dunchurch Treated Teachers To A Festive Feast!

In the spirit of spreading festive cheer, Chloe took charge to ensure this year’s workplace Christmas party at a local high school would be an unforgettable event.

Having successfully orchestrated a brilliant Christmas disco for the kids, Chloe decided it was time to give the hardworking staff their turn to let loose and revel in the holiday spirit. Turning to Hog Roast Dunchurch for the catering, Chloe wanted to create a laid-back and enjoyable atmosphere for the 160 staff members.

The school, usually a hub of education, transformed on Saturday night into a lively venue where staff members, dressed in their glad rags, gathered for an evening of fun and fellowship. Chloe had planned a night to remember with a live band, an exciting raffle featuring lots of fun prizes, engaging games, and, of course, a scrumptious meal courtesy of Hog Roast Dunchurch.

Our catering manager, Jon, was at the helm; in charge of presenting a feast that was as beautiful to look at as it was enjoyable to eat. The chosen menu for the evening was, naturally, our Festive Menu: a true celebration of flavours and festive favourites.

Hog Roast DunchurchFree-range turkey with fresh cranberry sauce and homemade sage and onion were complemented by creamy cauliflower cheese, crispy roasties, irresistible pigs in blankets, glazed market vegetables, and luscious gravy. And, for the non-meat-eaters among the staff, our BBQ-pulled jackfruit rolls proved to be a delectable choice, ensuring everyone could indulge in the farm-to-table dining experience.

As the night unfolded, handmade mince pies with warm brandy cream and mulled wine added a touch of sweetness to the festivities. The evening, filled with laughter, music, and delicious food, proved to be the perfect reward for the school staff’s hard work throughout the year.

Chloe’s vision for a relaxed and enjoyable workplace Christmas party became a reality, thanks to the combined efforts of the live band, the raffle organisers, and, of course, the culinary expertise of Hog Roast Dunchurch.

As the school staff revelled in the festivities, it was clear that this night would be remembered as a highlight of the year – a fitting celebration of camaraderie, hard work, and the joy of the holiday season.