Hog Roast Warwick are here to cover every little detail!

At Hog Roast Warwick we understand the importance of presentation when it comes to hosting an event. What would be the point in serving fresh tasty food, if it didn’t look great on the plate? And what would be the point of eating a marvellous hog roast meal, if the room you ate it in was ugly or cold? Thankfully, it’s not just great cooking that our team at Hog Roast Warwick are blessed with, and our fabulous waiting staff are here to apply the finest, most delicate of finishing touches to your wonderful party.

Hog Roast WarwickThis was what Alison discovered, when she asked us to cater for her daughter’s baby shower. Alison wanted everything to be perfect for her little girl on such an important day. She had asked us to prepare a three course menu with a vegetarian option for the starters and mains, and wanted drinks to be served to the table so her guests needn’t go the bar, and the attention could be on her daughter. Needless to say our waiting staff at Hog Roast Warwick were on hand to make this happen.

Alison was stunned when she arrived at the venue and saw what we had done with the place. Marvellous centre pieces had been arranged on each of the tables to add a flourish to an already beautiful dining room, lit softly by candles and dimmed lights. Our staff were ready and waiting to seat guests as well as take orders for drinks, and later, food. For starters, there was a choice of Parma Ham, served on a warm new potato and walnut salad with apricot dressing, or a hearty, homemade, vegetable soup with crusty bread rolls.

Soon after the starters, our Hog was roasted, and the guests had a choice of our famous hog roast, or a vegetarian option of a whole roast salmon, to be served with a selection of exquisite salads and seasonal vegetables. For dessert, vacherins of strawberries and passionfruit cream, light and fluffy. Alison was amazed at the work the Hog Roast Warwick team had put in to make her daughter’s day, a special one, but admitted that most of the attention was on the wonderful food!