A Spooky Hog Roast Rugby Evening!

This year, it was Dave and Joanna’s turn to host their family Halloween party. Last year, Dave’s brother hosted the party and it was a fantastic success so Dave wanted to outdo him. He decorated the house with Halloween decorations and ensured that their house was fully stocked with sweets for trick-or-treaters. However, in order to make a fabulous party that would impress all of his family he needed something to really make his party stand out. After discussing with Joanna, they finally settled on hiring the Hog Roast Rugby team to cook some tasty food for them in their garden.

Head Office - sandwich3  On Halloween night, all of Dave and Joanna’s family came around and everyone was dressed up in great costumes. They gathered all their kids together and took them out for an evening of fun trick-or-treating. Meanwhile, the Hog Roast Rugby team set up in the back garden and began to put together a small buffet for the family when they returned. Once the family returned from their trick-or-treat trail, they were delighted to find the Hog Roast Rugby team which Dave and Joanna had organised.

Soon after they had returned back to the house, the Hog Roast team served up the piping hot food onto the buffet for David’s family to enjoy. The scent of the spicy and flavourful meat as it roasted full the garden and the family really enjoyed the selection of meats that were on the Hog Roast Rugby team’s menu. The team had provided a really good selection of roasted meats, despite the party only being a small one with a few guests. The polite and friendly nature of the team was praised by Dave’s family and they were all impressed by the service they offered.

However, David had one last surprise for everyone. He had set up some fireworks in the garden and began his little firework display for his family. The children and adults alike really enjoyed the fireworks and it was a perfect way to end the fantastic night they’d had. All in all, Dave felt as though he had outdone his brother’s and they all really enjoyed the night.