Our St Patrick’s Day Festivities at Hog Roast Flint’s Green

We may not be Irish here at Hog Roast Flint’s Green, but we know a good day of feasting and drinking when we see one, so of course our specialist roast catering just had to be involved in the brilliant St Patrick’s Day festivities across the country this past weekend.

Hog Roast Flint's GreenSt Patrick’s Day, traditionally, is the celebration of the Feast of St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland who drove the so-called ‘snakes’ out of the country. It began as a religious and cultural holiday in Ireland, though over the years has quickly grown to a mass international celebration with festivals and parades held all over. Now you’ll find pubs and streets rammed full of people drinking and celebrating the day every single year, becoming far more of a cultural holiday than a religious one.

Though the term Feast of St Patrick refers to the Christian meaning of feast, rather than a quite literal meaning of feasting with lots of food, we at Hog Roast Flint’s Green prefer to take the latter definition in step instead, so of course we were out and about all over Flint’s Green on the 17th supplying our clients with some delicious roast feasts for their Paddy’s day celebrations. With the day predominantly being known for the copious amounts of drinking, we think it helps to have a large roast dinner beforehand to help line the stomach for the many pints of Guinness on their way.

Customers of Hog Roast Flint’s Green that called in our catering for their Patrick’s Day events were treated to a wonderful selection of fresh roasts, including both our signature hog roast and our brilliant lamb and beef roasts. Be it set menu dinner for the more formal occasions, or a buffet style for others, we also had brilliant offerings of roasted or herb dressed new potatoes to accompany our mighty roasts, along with fresh salads and seasonal veg medleys, roasted to perfection. All that goes down brilliantly with our own homemade apple sauce for our hog roast, or a delicious gravy for the beef. It’s a perfect dinner to ring in the St Patrick’s Day celebrations, and our team had a great time out wearing green and taking in all of the day’s festivities.

From all at Hog Roast Flint’s Green, we hope everyone had a wonderful day!